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March 26, 2024



What is the Tuesday of Researchers "Mardi des Chercheurs" ?

Created by the Polytechnic Faculty of Mons in the early 2000s, the MdC (previously Researchers’ Morning) is a scientific event organized annually by researchers and for researchers. It is thus a privileged place of exchange within which the actors of the research field (scientists under contract, doctoral students, assistants, PhDs, …), coming from different horizons, have the possibility to meet each other, to discover the research carried out by others and thus to allow the setting up of collaborations between people, departments or institutions. Before the creation of the UMONS, the MdC, organized in alternation with the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the ULB, was dedicated to research conducted in the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Since 2011, the event now involves all scientists and researchers of UMONS, and since 2015, the Polytechnic University Hauts-de-France (UPHF) joined UMONS on this adventure. The editions of 2016 and 2023 were thus organized on the campus of Mont Houy in Valenciennes, the edition of 2018 at Arenberg Creative Mine (Valenciennes), and the event was hosted online in 2021.

We have the great pleasure to invite you to the twelfth edition of the MdC hosted in Mons: the Tuesday of Researchers 2024.

This event will be the opportunity :

  • to introduce colleagues from other faculties to the research carried out by the researchers as well as to the university’s fields of expertise;
  • to nourish exchanges or to initiate collaborations of a multidisciplinary nature;
  • to inform Master’s students of opportunities to obtain grants (e.g., F.R.I.A., F.N.R.S., F.S.R.), research contracts or mandates at the University.

As for the previous editions, we will also welcome researchers from Materia Nova and Multitel, and also researchers from Pôle Hainuyer.

As usual, prizes will be awarded to the best posters (one prize per research theme, and one prize for all categories). 

The event is open to our colleagues from the EUNICE alliance. They can submit posters and a special session will be organised for them. A special prize will be awarded to the best poster from EUNICE (outside of UMONS and UPHF).

On behalf of the UMONS Scientific Body Assembly, I hope that this event will be an opportunity for you to establish enriching contacts and to germinate new collaborations.

Lucas Equeter,
President of the Assembly of the Scientific Body of the UMONS (CorSci).

Why is the logo green, white and red for this 2024 edition?

2023-2024 is a special year for UMONS: it is the year of Italy. Since October 2023, our university give the spotlight to this country, with which Belgium, and specifically the Hainaut province, has close ties.

For this occasion, a rich programme, mixing scientific and cultural events in teaching, but also in sports and social activities, is proposed to the UMONS community and the regional audience. The MdC is also a part of this initiative, an will put the spotlight on Italy and Italian researchers during this special edition.

Ready to take part in the adventure?

Whether you present a poster or simply want to view posters, you are welcome!

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